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The last picture shows

Issue 70, Winter 2008


There is no greater manifestation of the United States’ love affair with…

Sex machines

Issue 63, Spring 2007


Water-slide decals from the 1960s to the 1980s

A sign that eats itself

Issue 60, Summer 2006


Cartoon-like characters in logos and on signage are ubiquitous in South Korea

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What are they thinking?

5 November 2012

These unique, plebeian graphic executions – ephemeral, often questionable lawn signs – embody the US Constitution’s First Amendment guarantee of free speech, says Mike Kippenhan.
In the United States, automobile bumper stickers and lawn signs are the preferred way of informing others non-verbally of one’s political affiliation, writes Mike Kippenhan.

Fir sale

12 December 2011

Oregon’s handmade signs herald the coming of Christmas tree stands
With the end of the Thanksgiving holiday in late November, most Americans begin the transition into the Christmas season, writes Mike Kippenhan. One of the most visible harbingers of the upcoming holiday is the almost overnight proliferation of Christmas tree stands.

Letter to the editor

18 September 2008

Re: Afterword to ‘Googling the design canon’ – don’t diss the digital
From Mike Kippenhan The idea of inviting a variety of people associated with design to write about ‘neglected classics that take us “beyond the canon”’ resulted in an interesting and enjoyable issue of Eye (no. 68 vol. 17). It was refreshing to be introduced not only to some classics I was unaware of, but also to new contributors who have taken the time to share their ideas and interests.